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The Nevado de Toluca or also known by name in Nahuatl Xinantécatl is located in Toluca State of Mexico and is part of the cross Volcánic Region of Mexico, reaches an altitude of 4680m above the sea.

This beautiful volcano is characterized by an elliptical shape, which makes easier the access to the crater and likewise easier to climb and explore.

Inside the crater, the volcano has two freshwater lagoons, lagoon of the sun and the moon lagoon, separated by a dome of lava inside the crater likewise there is a hostel where you can camp and rest.




Adventure Tours and Expeditions




Our service of tours and expeditions has the objective of bring you to this beautiful place, including transportation, a  personalized guide, where our professional mountaineering guides, will take you through this national park explaining you all about its history and biodiversity inhabiting here. 

The Tours are subject to availability and making the reservation with a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.





Requirements for the Nevado de Toluca Adventure Tour:

 Bring Thermal Clothing:

(Sweater, Sweatshirt, coat, gloves, hat, scarf, boots).

 No Ill from respiratory or heart medical conditions

 Children 6 and older

 Make your reservations early.





 Shuttle - 6:00 hrs

Arrival at Nevado de Toluca - 10:00 hrs

Hiking - 10:00 to 15:00 hrs

Return to Mexico City - 17:00 hrs





The transportation of the  Adventure Tours takes place in SUVs, Honda CRV type, equipped with air conditioning, Seat Belts, stereo AM, FM and Travel Insurance:



Shuttle Points:

 National Auditorium Mexico City

 Hotel Radisson Perisur Mexico City

 Airport Mexico City

 Sendero Mall Toluca City

 Airport Toluca City